Damodaran online

Prof. Damodaran home page is a great starting page to anyone searching for deep and thorough but still very handy and informative material on EVA (or from any other corporate finance consept). Includes explanations, overheads, spreadsheets, data sets, powerpoint presentations, examples, discussion and so on... RECOMMENDED!!!

Economic Value Added - EVA® ein Instrument zur Wertsteigerung

(Only in German). Doctor A. Stefan Kirsten has created this presentation as an outline for his lectures in "Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen" in sommer semerter 1998. Doctor Kirsten is the Group controller of Metro AG.

Economic Value Added (EVA) for Small Business

Gives a general overview in a simple form what EVA is, how it is defined and why it suits also small business. 22 slides. By Esa Mäkeläinen and Narcyz Roztocki

Introduction to Economic Value Added, EVA

Explains with 21 slides what EVA is, why it is good measure, how it is defined and how it relates to market values. By Esa Mäkeläinen

Stern Stewart - the original EVA company

The company that has invented and trademarked EVA have a lot useful EVA information on their www-pages.

Why Share-Owner Value?

The former CEO of the cocacola company explains why a company´s mission is to create value for shareholders and what it means if this mission is understood/misunderstood and fulfilled/not fullfilled.

Debate: Duking It Out over EVA

FORTUNE TEXT EDITION. August 4, 1997. Debate: Duking It Out over EVA. Gary Hamel; Al Ehrbar. n a recent FORTUNE story ("How Killers Count," June.

A message from Warren E. Buffet - Owner Related Business Principles

Warren E. Buffet explains his owner-related business principles. 10 pages.

2.1 The main theory behind EVA (A chapter in a study)

This is a chapter inside a long study (by Esa Mäkeläinen). Please click the corresponding chapter number (2.1 in this case) from the table of contents after you have chosen this link.

Summary about "Economic Value Added as a mangement tool"

Frank Pinto from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., , has written a slightly modified summary about "Economic Value Added as a management tool" by Mäkeläinen. This meritorious summary focuses e.g. on controlling aspects, especially on differences between ROI and EVA. Definitely recommended reading for those interested in the subject (easier to get the glue about those differences from here than from original paper which covers many other things also). You can contact Mr. Pinto by way of email at: .

EVA material in Italian

(By Lucio Ugolini from University of Florence, Italy) A general introduction to Value Creation in Italy, focused on the application of EVA to italian small business company. The paper offer a detailed description of how to determine Nopat, CI and WACC, with a particolar attention to the cost of equity and to the possible method to estimate it for non quoted companies.

What is value-based management?

An article from The McKinsey Quarterly, 1994 Number 3, pp. 87—101 by TIMOTHY KOLLER. An excerpt from Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies,Second Edition (You have to register in order to be able to read the article, but it is free and it only takes about 20 seconds, so that should not be the reason to skip this.)

EVA: Is it an Effective Management Control Tool?

A research paper of Ellen Wong from the University of Waterloo, Canada: "This research paper aims to analyze EVA to determine whether it is an effective management control tool. The paper examines EVA from two perspectives. First, an analysis based on current literature is presented. Specifically, it discusses the background, calculation, implementation, strengths and weaknesses of EVA. Second, case studies of Canadian companies are presented. In particular, the motivation for adapting EVA, the implementation process, and the results of using EVA are examined."

Economic Value Added Management Tool.

There is a financial management tool, known as Economic Value Added (EVA), that can help you measure whether your efforts are REALLY building business value.

The Real Use of Economic Value Added Theory and Practice

A short and practical introduction also for people that do not know EVA at all.